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KC Security

Doors - FUHR Lever Operated Hook Bolts

FUHR Hook Bolt (5KB)FUHR Locks are built for strength and durability. See here for yourself
why KC Windows use FUHR.

  • Adjustable brass roller cams provide consistently smooth and reliable engagements into plates.
  • Multipoint function provides enhanced noise reduction and heat insulation.
  • Locking inside/outside.
  • Lift lever engages roller cams and hook bolts into plates, single turn of key throws deadbolt and locks the mechanism, lever returns to horizontal position.
  • Unlocking inside/outside.
  • Stainless Steel FacePlate Stainless Steel Keeps
  • Single turn of key retracts deadbolt, depress lever disengages roller cams, hook bolts and retracts latch, lever returns to horizontal position.

ABI Approved.

Windows - Securistyle Vector Excluder

ecuristyle Vector Excluder (5KB)High Security Window Locking Mechanism

  • High security (exceeds BS7950).
  • Unique dual locking (Locks sash to frame and frame to sash).
  • Greater resistance to corrosion (Complies with BS7412).
  • 10 year guarantee (BS6375).

Official Police Security Initiative.

How secure is our double glazing?

Guaranteed sealed and secured TO MEET THE SECURITY OF BS 7412: 1991 AND CLAUSE A.5.1 of BS 7950: 1997 (Formerly PAS 011: 1994)

  • Alfas PVC Security Glazing Tape has been used successfully for 15 years.
  • Designed to prevent unauthorised removal of the glass unit from externally beaded window systems.
  • Cost effective. When installed, the closed cell foam gives excellent long-term weathering, ageing and UV resistance.
  • Moisture resistant adhesive system..
  • Satisfies the security requirements of BS 7412: 1991, Clause A.5.1 of BS 7950: 1997 "Specification for enhanced security performance of casement and tilt/turn windows for domestic applications" and the GGF Manipulation and Glazing Security Test.
  • Alfas PVC-DST Security Glazing Tape has been independently tested under wind loading conditions.

Guaranteed sealed and secured with Alfas SGT®

Many window systems are insecure due to the relative ease with which glass units can be removed from the frame using simple tools.

Window Sectional Diagram (10K)INTERNALLY GLAZED SYSTEMS
Internally glazed systems are generally more expensive to produce but are considered more secure. However, experience shows that some systems can be defeated by using a cordless drill and a screwdriver to force off the internal beads.

Externally beaded systems can be made secure. The process is simple and economic using Alfas Security Glazing Tape (SGT) in place of the conventional internal wedge gasket. SGT physically bonds the glass unit into the frame whilst still providing a seal.

Alfas SGT is available in three grades; manufactured from a high-density PVC foam or a polyethylene (PE) foam substrate. All grades are coated on each face with a pressure sensitive, moisture resistant, cross-linked, solvent acrylic adhesive system, which is protected by a siliconised paper liner. The PVC versions offers superior load bearing characteristics and intrusion resistance due to their much higher integral strength (see Physical Properties).

Alfas SGT is designed to meet the security requirements of BS 7412: 1991 and the specification, performance and functionality requirements of the British Plastics Federation (BPF) Standard 345/1 "Gaskets & Weatherships for Windows. Doors and Curtain Walling" Part 1. Alfas SGT is designed to pass the Manipulation and Glazing Security Test detailed in the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) Specification for improved Security of Windows (November 1993) and has been tested and approved to BS 7950: 1997 "Specification for enhanced security performance of casement and tilt/turn windows for domestic applications". All three grades of Alfas SGT are certified by the British Board of Agrément.

The Quality Management Systems operated by Alfas Industries Limited are regularly monitored and verified by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Limited to BS EN ISO 9002. Alfas Industries Limited maintains advanced research and testing facilities. This includes routine batch testing of all raw materials as well as process control to ensure consistent high quality. Alfas PVC Security Glazing Tape has been used successfully throughout the window industry for 15 years.



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